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Recent and upcoming exhibitions

 1-54 New York Art Fair, 2022

19th May - 16th June 2022

AKAA Paris, Art Fair 2022

21st - 23rd October 2022

DAOR Contemporary

10th March - April 2nd 2022

Memoir - Deepest Darkest Art


15 January - 30 February 2022

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Leila Rose Fanner is a painter and illustrator. Born to a South African artist and an African American musician, she was raised in South Africa and currently works from her studio in Riebeek Kasteel.

 Leila is both a figurative and an abstract painter. Her creative inspiration is interwoven with her spiritual journey and personal dream symbols. Depicting dream-like natural settings for her silhouetted female figures, she explores her personal relationship with the material realm through a metaphysical and spiritual lens.

Her primary focus is on the meditative journey of creating a piece of art, which she feels is part of the appeal of the final piece.

​After her studies at the Johannesburg National School of the Arts, she took private tuition in both graphic design and water-colour painting, holding her first exhibition at the age of 23.

 Her work has appeared in numerous art publications, Harlem Fine Arts  Magazine, Vogue Gallery and Art Africa to name a few. Her most recent exhibitions : 

PRIZM Virtual Fair in MIAMI and INVESTEC Art Fair MILAN with Deepest Darkest Art.

Noteworthy Acquisitions include:

'The Bunker' art space, an art museum in West Palm Beach, Miami.  Owned by Beth Rudin De Woody

Ms CCH Pounder (Academy Award Nominated actor and prolific collector of art with a renowned art collection)  

Leila’s work is held in private collections in South Africa, Germany, France, Kenya, England, Ireland and the USA.

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